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The Band

Did you know that…


-“Victory” and “Johnny Lightning” were two of the names considered to be the band’s name?


-Bon Jovi’s first tour was called The Stationwagon Tour?


-The band’s first album was supposed to be called “Tough Talk”?  


-Bon Jovi's worst concert was on the Thanks Giving Day at Xanadu's in NJ, because the 30 people that showed up were so sleepy that it looked like they must have eaten a lot of turkey (there's an enzime in the turkey called Tyagaline that puts people to sleep)?


-On the Bon Jovi concert in Donington (UK) on August 17th, 1988, someone at the front of the crowd threw a pig’s head on to the stage?


-“You Give Love A Bad Name” was inspired on Jon’s short relationship with actress Diane Lane?


-By the end of ’87 Bon Jovi had toured for some 16 months, played a total of more than 130 shows, accruing a gross income of over $28 millions and selling nearly 18 millions of copies of the “Slippery When Wet album”?


-The “New Jersey” album was supposed to be called “Sons Of Beaches”?


-The idea of calling New Jersey to the album came from a patch worn by Jon on his jacket during the SWW tour?


-The songs from the “New Jersey” album by kids that were hanging out around the studio?


-The Jersey Syndicate Tour amounted 237 shows in just 16 months?


-The song “Cadillac Man” was written for a movie in 1990, but it never made into the movie?  


-"Always" was written by Jon for the movie "Romeo's Bleeding", it was recorded during the Keep The Faith tour in England, but Jon didn't like the movie so they re-recorded it for the Crossroad album?


-The song “Something For The Pain” was supposed to be called “I’ve Been Loving You So Long I Can’t Turn My Back”?


-The song “Diamond Ring” was written for New Jersey, recorded for Keep The faith, but the band only used it on the These Days album?


-“These Days” was initially meant to be called  “Open All Hours”?  


-Bon Jovi opened for the Rolling Stones twice in 1995/96?


-"(It's Hard) Letting You Go" was written by Jon for the "Moonlight And Valentino" and neither David nor Hugh play in it?


-The sponsor for the Keep The Faith Tour was Coca Cola; they even put a special Bon Jovi can out on the European market?


-The sponsor for the European and Japanese leg of the These Days Tour was Volkswagen, to celebrate this occasion they produced a special Bon Jovi line for the following car models: VW Golf, VW Golf Cabrio and VW Golf Variant?


-Bon Jovi were nominated for two Grammys for the first time with the Crush album?


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