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David Bryan



David Bryan Rashbaum




Edison- New Jersey - U.S.A.


1,82 mt


Married (25/August/90) with April


Colton Moon (10/April/94), Gabrielle (10/April/94) and Tiger Lilly (01/May/00)


Ed Rashbaum


Florence Rashbaum




Did you know that...


-In the beginning of the bands career, David’s surname was Rashbaum?


-David is Jewish?


-Jon used to call him “Indiana Jones” because he was always in trouble?


-David plays piano, keyboard, drums, guitar, bass, trumpet (it was his father that taught him when he was 5 years old) and accordion?


-His first band was called “Transition”?


-For many years he studied classic music?


-David met his wife when he was 19 years old on a New Jersey bar called Baby O's?


-He started to study Medicine because he was following his father footsteps, but he never graduated?


-David wrote songs for the movie “Conflict Of Interests”, but the soundtrack was never released?  


-"Second Chance" appears in a tv adaptation of the write Francine Pascal's "Sweet Valey High" series of books?        


-David had to miss the Bon Jovi performance on the Brit Awards in ’94 because his wife was expecting the twins at any moment? (Aldo Nova replaced him)


- “This Time” is a song written by David and Richie Supa especially for Curtis Stigers? (Bon Jovi played this song live on the Christmas show in ’95)


-Dr. John is David's idol (he considers him the Babe Ruth of piano)?


-The song “April” is dedicated to his wife April McLean and “Kissed By An Angel” to is two twin kids?


-David, among other keyboard players, contributes in the Magna Carta’s Keyboard Hall Of Fame Series compilation album Steinway To Heaven?


-On February of ’96 David received (for the 7th time) the Metal Edge Readers Choice Award for “The Best Keyboardist”?


 -The reason why David doesn’t appear on the “Real Life” video, was because he had a very serious injury on his right-hand index finger? (He cut his finger with a slip of a circular saw!)


-During the ‘96/’00 break, David wrote musicals?


-The Crush demo “Ordinary People” was written by David?


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