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Jon Bon Jovi


John Francis Bonjiovi




Perth Amboy - New Jersey - U.S.A.


1,76 mt


Married (29/April/89) with Dorothea Hurley (29/September/62)


Stephanie Rose (31/May/93) and Jesse James Louis (19/February/95)


John Frank Bonjiovi


Carol Sharkey Bonjiovi


Anthony (11/October/67) and Mathew (30/August/74)


Did you know that...


-With the money that Jon won from being the lead vocal in “R2D2 – We Wish You A Merry Christmas”, he went to California accompanied by David in order to get a record deal?  


-His first concert was with Rush, Heart and the Doobie Brothers at a high school in 1975?


-Jon went to jail once, because he was selling posters outside a Bruce Springsteen concert?


-He worked in a junkyard, a shoe store, a few fast-food restaurants and sold newspappers subscriptions door to door (he tought that it was very cool to try to sell NY newspapers to people that live in NJ!)?


-He met wis wife when he was only 16 years old?


-Before the band joined together, Jon got a proposal to play a role in a movie, but he refused because music was his biggest love?


-When Jon was working on the Power Station Studios, Mick Jagger grabbed him and a couple more kids, turned to the paparazzi that was taking photos of the Stones and said: «This is my new band, The Frogs!» ?


-He dated the actress Diane Lane for a year?


-Jon has its own movie theather in his house?


-In 1987 Jon forgot that it was Dorothea's birthday, so he worte her a love letter that originated the song "I'll Be There For You"?


-Jon's wife Dorothea is a karate practitioner and owns a school?


-Jon loved being in London so much, that he has a pub in his house?   


-“Something To Believe In” was the first song Jon wrote for the These Days and he asks himself: «when you have everything you always wanted, you still need something to believe in or set a goal to strive for»?


-Jon contributed with two songs on Southside Johnny’s “Better Days” album?


-Besides singing, Jon can play acustic and electric guitar, piano, keyboard, harmonica?


-At the end of the filming of U-571, Harvey Keitel bought Jon an acting book and inside he wrote: «To the son of a Marine: You're not half bad.»?


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