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- “Back Door Santa” – A Very Special Christmas I – Written by Jon and performed by Bon Jovi



- “So Close” – Hall And Oats’ Album Chance Of Season – Written and produced by JBJ & D. Kortchmar



- “The Boys Are Back In Town” – Stairway To Heaven/Highway To Hell – Written by Thin Lizzy and performed by Bon Jovi



- “Levon” – Two Rooms – Written by Elton John and performed by Jon



- “How Long Has This Been Going On” – The Glory Of Gershwin - Written by George Gershwin and performed by Jon and Richie



- “Sometimes It’s A Bitch” – Timespace – Written by Jon and Billy Falcon, produced by Jon and D. Kortchmar, performed by Stevie Nicks (although Tico plays the drums)



- “Hell Is Living Without You” – Trash – Written by Jon and Richie, performed by Alice Cooper (although Jon does the backing vocals and Hugh plays the bass)



- “Ava’s Eyes” – Sounds Of Wood And Steel II – Written by Richie and Don Was and performed by Richie (it is an instrumental song dedicated to Richie’s daughter, Ava)


- "Blue Christmas" - A Very Special Christmas V - Performed by Jon at The White House last December 2000


- "Livin' On A Prayer" - A Tribute To Heroes - Performed by Jon and Richie on the September 11th telethon


- "Livin' On A Prayer", "Wanted Dead Or Alive" & "Its My Life" - Concert For NYC - Performed by BJ on the Madison Square Garden benefit concert


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