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Capital FM interview


Jon Bon Jovi Talks About Life In The Fast Lane

Jon Bon Jovi chats about the band’s new single ‘Every Day’, the album ‘Bounce’, being a new dad and plans for the next year Bon Jovi style…

The reaction to your new single 'Every Day' has been phenomenal, how do you feel about that?
I'm excited about it because the reaction has been outstanding. It's great because the album's not even going to hit the streets here for another five or six weeks. I'm really pleased with the outcome.
You need have a nice balance in your life which lets you go off and do other things...
It's important for us and our sanity that we do a lot of things at the same time. It was a year ago last week that we were still on the road with 'Crush'. So to finish a record that quickly, plus do nine episodes of 'Ally McBeal' and have a baby and everything else made for quite a busy year!

How is it being a new dad?
I'm an expert at changing diapers already!

Things are going pretty well for you aren't they?
Yeah, now that all the art work and the video is done, we're just getting the game plan together for putting the tour on. It's not going to be as an extensive tour as last time - one thing we are considering is strictly keeping it indoors. I haven't played indoors in London for at least ten years, so it would be nice to go to Wembley. We'll see.

You were the last band to play Wembley Stadium weren't you?
Yeah, it's a shame - they had no financing to build another place. It's the most legendary stadium in the world. It's just the way it's all laid out, on one level but still able to hold 72,000 people! It's absolutely the greatest veune in the world.

You're coming over to do the Tarrant Request gig later this year, are you looking forward to it?
Yeah I am. I have a lot of great memories of Wembley Arena, but I haven't played there in a long time. It's actually a really bad sounding venue with bad dressing rooms, but it's cool! It's got a great vibe and I look forward to playing there, I just wouldn't do a live album from there.

Your record sales are now up to a massive 92 million albums worldwide, that's staggering...
Yeah, it is. That's not exaggerating or counting singles to fix numbers, those are real numbers and that's the club to be in!
If 'Bounce' does as well as 'Crush', you are going to come up to the 100 million album mark...
Yep, and that's an incredibly elite club. The Beatles, and Elvis and Madonna are in there, but there are very few.

Now, this week it's 25 years since Elvis passed away. Are they making a big deal of it in the States?
It's so big, they've got the impersonators, they've got the Today Show (the biggest morning programme) broadcasting all week long. His daughter got married again this week to Nick Cage. Elvis was the first casuality. As much as we all loved him, he really suffered for it. If I took anything from you it was what not to do.

Any more acting on the horizon?
No man, I think all those fans out there would kill me if I went off and did a movie now. We're really excited about the record, it's a very similar period to when 'Slippery When Wet' exploded and then we released 'New Jersey' within a year. We've done it again with this and the vibe so far is that people can't believe it, they think it's the best record we ever did, so we'll see.

What are the other songs on the album like?
Big rock songs. It's an out and out rock record. A stadium rock record with a lot of great messages.
What has the next year got in store for you then?
I can't honestly tell you that because I don't know. We're going to start working in September and see where it takes us.