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TRANSCRIPT LIVE CHAT DEC. 6th 7PM (est) - 8PM (est)

OBIE: Greetings!
OBIE: hi, hi, hello, howday, how are ya, howdy, hi, hi, hi

Te2: how are you obie
OBIE: I am just SWELL

Denise: Yo Obie!! Where are you from? I heard Phila. Is that true? I'm from the NE
OBIE: Philadelphia AREA

OBIE: I don't know if I'm gonna be in LA next week yet
OBIE: lots of stuff to do here

Lauri: Heh Obie, how are the dogs - happy to have you home there for a while?
OBIE: The dogs are just fine

Lupe: Obie, is an extended stage out of the question for next tour?
OBIE: I really don't know about the stage & the tour - they treat me like a mushroom keeping me in the dark and feeding me a lot of ****

Deb308: Obie how about lunch tomorrow?
OBIE: Are you buying?

aussie: obie were you amazed at the responce to you in BJHQ?
OBIE: Amazed at BJHQ responce

OBIE: comedy club? my work is funny enough

bjb: what about the pizza toppings?!
OBIE: Jon takes his pizza plain FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!!

Lupe: Are you in Jersey Obie?
OBIE: No, I was there today in the studio - i'm home now

Donna Hey Obie! - Are there any particular songs you want to be included in the box set
OBIE: There will be some songs that will totally knock some people out when they get the box set. Trust me.

EcstasyEyes: Obie, with Christmas coming, and turkey being served, I have to ask: Are you a "breast" man or a "thigh" man?? lol
OBIE: I'm a breast & a thigh man, but I do like turkey too

bjb: OBIE, Disney or Warner Bros. cartoons?
OBIE: Warner Brothers cartoons

jon_girl: This is Flor Dominguez from Mexico, remember when we chatted at the Hotel? It was great to talk to you!
OBIE: Yeah, I remember talking to you.

Denise: Did anyone ever hear of the empire rock club??
OBIE: Empire Rock Club in NE Philly - I don't think the guys played there but Cinderella used to play there

DavesCrush: Obie..did Richie ever get his birthday card from the Milwaukee show after you walked around with it for 45 minutes!!??
OBIE: Davescrush - if you gave me a card to give to him, it absolutely got to him

LUCA: Obie do u cook??
OBIE: Luca - I cook. I reheat Micky D burgers in the microwave

Katie7800hugs: Obie, are you going to produce any songs on the new record
OBIE: No, Luke Ebbin is the producer

Jonman: Obie you played drums in some TV appearances with the guys, right?
OBIE: Yes - I'm the rotton drummer on some TV shows

HIBBS: Ok obie I am not blonde but could I be one of those girls that puts the oil on Jon before he puts his leather trousers on please??????????????????????
OBIE: you need to submit a resume in order to get a job putting ointment on Jon..

Jovian_Finland: Obie, care to wish a happy Independence Day for us finnish Folks, Finland just celebrated her 84th Independence Day on Dec 6th...
OBIE: happy independence day to everyone in finland

OBIE: i'm barely keeping up with you SLOW DOWN

BJ4ever: Great. Where do I send the resume?
OBIE: send it to my secretary: Ms. Helen Wait

Brazilian_Girls: Obie why didn't you guys come to South America last tour???
OBIE: I have no idea why we play where we do - no one tells me anything

Onewildfan: Hi Obie, just wondering what you think about having your own fan club of sorts? Did you ever think you'd have one this big?
OBIE: I think a fan club for me is great

Neurotica: Do you consider yourself 'normal'? Does anyone else?
OBIE: normal? compared to what?

Nancy_Brazil: Obie, would you know if Jon was born normal childbirth or Cesarian?
OBIE: nancy_brazil: that's too bizare a question for even me to deal with

EcstasyEyes: Do you wear leather pants, Obie? Don't think I've seen ya in a pair! (wink)
OBIE: leather pants: only in my dreams

Jonman: It's Hannuka next sunday, say to Dave happy Hannuka from Isreal mishpuhe
OBIE: I'll certainly say happy chanukah to dave - I'm no meshugenah

Regina: Hey Obie...been to the DK Diner lately???
OBIE: yes, I've been to the DK...

JonnysAngel: Obie what kind of music are you listening to?
OBIE: Since George harrison died I've been listening to a lot of the Beatles...

BADM: Obie...ever wear anymore dresses
OBIE: No more dresses - they make my hips look too big.

aussie: Obie have you visited the website thats named after you?
OBIE: I've been the Obie website a few times...

MelissaByJovi: OBIE -- any bad parts to your job?
OBIE: No bad parts of my job. None

DONNA: Obie - Garys says Joe says hello!
OBIE: hello donna, gary & joe

Kristen: OBIE, what's your fave Jovi song?
OBIE: fave BJ song is Raise Your Hands

Scully: obie - who do you want to play you in my movie about YOU?
OBIE: Fred Gwynne should play me in the movie of my life

Neurotica: What's Huey been up to lately?
OBIE: Huey's been cutting his toenails.

OneWildFan: HI Obie, what was the word backstage after Jon had the bra on his head in Chicago?
OBIE: bird... bird was the word

OBIE: I'm barely following this...

bjfan84: Obie - what do YOU like on your pizza?? lol!
OBIE: I like $100 bills on my pizza

MCDLancer: Hey Obie, why don't you wear earrings?
OBIE: I'm too much of a chicken to get my ears pierced

U-571: obie how is jon throat now??????????????????????????????
OBIE: Jon's throat now is between his chin & his chest

EcstasyEyes: Obie? Do you think we're nuts??? LOL I do!
OBIE: yes, you're NUTS

chicago: Obie, how long have you known Bon Jovi?
OBIE: 21 years

LUCA: Obie which plans do you have for Xmas day and New Year's Eve??
OBIE: working in the studio for the holidays

Deb308: Obie - Are you going to any Springsteen shows this week?
OBIE: Not going to Bruce

Linda: Obie, how long does it take to demo and record one album?
OBIE: Demos can be as short as a day each - album can take up to 6 months... hard to say

Regina: How about those eagles!
OBIE: I LOVE the Philly EAGLES football team

Lupe; Do you speak Spanish Obie?

aussie: obie hows mike?
OBIE: Mike Rew is the luckiest son of a ***** on the face of the earth... after me

Donna: Will the bloody stools record another album?!
OBIE: I'm trying to get the bloody stools back together to record another album

Deb: Obie - is Luke with you?
OBIE: Luke is not with Obie.

dianne4jon_australia: obie whats the best thing about the band?
OBIE: Best thing about the band? They're rich. They buy me presents.

donna: Obie - seen any nice racks lately?
OBIE: ... i'm looking at a nice one right now...

EcstacyEyes: Obie, you are a big fan of the Beatles, right? What did you think of the guys singing "Here comes the sun' on My VH-1 Awards??/ Awsome, huh?
OBIE: I loved it. I absolutely loved here comes the sun. the guys were great.

Deb308: Who was in the poster that Hugh was licking on BJTV?
OBIE: Hugh was licking a picture of Britney Spears

OBIE: this is much harder than doing the Q & A!!!

jonnlori: how long are you going to stay obie???
OBIE: I'll be here 'til about 7:30 - then I need to close my eyes.

BJ4ever: Obie - what would you say was the biggest difference between the tours in the 80s compared to now?
OBIE: There's no hairspray on tour today

Lupe: Are you going to see Oceans 11 Obie?
OBIE: Oceans 11 - yes

Courtney85: Obie how many cds will be in the box set?
OBIE: I don't know how many cds in the box set - i'm stil compiling.

aussie: obie how many kids you got, if i can ask that?
OBIE: kids that I know about?

Mango: Obie, what is your fav. song on new album and why????
OBIE: I can't tell you my fave song on the new album yet..

BornLivinOnAPrayer87: Obie, did u or anyone expect Crush to bring so many new fans?
OBIE: didn't expect Crush to bring us the amount of new fans it did - it was great

I_believe: obie is the release dat 9-2???
OBIE: Just September hopefully. No specific date yet.

jonnlori: obie, do you like meeting the fans???
OBIE: Yes - it's great to meet the fans

christyjovifan: obie what was the best part of the last tour for you??
OBIE: meeting all the people who came up and spoke to me was the best part of the last tour

LUCA: Obie what about the BJTV????
OBIE: What ABOUT BJ TV - we're going to do as much as we can for you

Mithrandir: Obie, have you ever appeared behind the mic in a BJ song? Clapping, singing, whatever?
OBIE: I don't think I've ever been on a recorded song in any way

Janie: obie, obie, obie at least say hello, I've been here for hours waiting for you to come in!!!
OBIE: hello
OBIE: hello Janie

MelissaByJovi: obie -- which was best -- Giants or Wembley? (or is that a silly question? Both venues rocked though!)
OBIE: Giants, I think

Crashed: you have obie... you played drums when Tico did Crazy!!!
OBIE: yes.. I did play drums while Tico played Crazy but that was at a Christmas show

Annedelina: Obie --- what's a day in the studio like?
OBIE: ... like 38 hours - you barely eat and don't get time to do to the bathroom

beautyqueen_mars: is jon's wife beautiful?
OBIE: Jon's wife is UNBELIEVABLY beautiful

Mithrandir: Can I ask you a favor? Can you say hello to my mum, Marina, she is disabled, and can't get in here
OBIE: hello Marina!

jan: before you go can you say goodnight to us in england - we miss you XXXXX
OBIE: goodnight to all in England...

AngelEyes: obie have you ever vacationed in Australia?
OBIE: are you buying?

dianne4jon_australia: can you wish me a merry christmas obie??????? It would mean heeps to me!!!
OBIE: Merry Xmas Dianne

Scully: OBIE - I got my nurses outfit back
OBIE: right on, Scully

Nan: who's taking Abe's place in the studio?
OBIE: Abe is retired. We haven't found someone new yet

Linda: Obie - My birthday was on the 2nd can you wish me a happy birthday?
OBIE: Linda - have a VERY happy birthday!

njbjfan: can you say happy birthday to my wife bernadette, today is her 31st birthday
OBIE: hey bernadette - here's to 50 more

Courtney85: How come Tico didn't speak up when his foot petal was broken? What did he kick the bases drum?
OBIE: ... he kicked it because we want timmy to EARN his money.

BornLivinOnAPrayer87: Obie I just want u to know... I love u and the guys xoxoxoxox thnx for doing this it was unbelievable to this 14 year old fan!
OBIE: BornLivinOnA Prayer87 - glad you get joy out of the band & these chats

OBIE: let's not turn this into one big shout out kay?

bjb: obie, are you going to watch Charlie Brown Christmas tonite?
OBIE: Charlie Brown Xmas - I'm gonna watch Inside the NFL tonite

bjfan84: Obie - did you do something to piss the guys off that they made you have to do this tonight?? lol
OBIE: No, I did this to MYSELF!

Meggie: Obie hows the new cd coming so far?
OBIE: the new cd is absolutely amazing already

BLONDIE: OBIE? do you or the guys ever stop by the chat to see what's going on?
OBIE: I stop by the chat sometimes but it scares me

dianne4jon_australia: is it true obie that jon and dorothea fight over who does the dishes????
OBIE: no - Jon and Dorothea make ME go and do the dishes

Sweetheart: Hey Obie, is Richie really as nice as people say he is??? Cuz I'm a huge fan of his!!!!! I'm 12 yrs old and I want to learn to play guitar!!
OBIE: Richie is NICER than people say and I should know

Lupe: Do you cook for Jon?
OBIE: yes I cook for jon and he throws it directly into the garbage

Nene: what's your favorite food, Obie?
OBIE: peanut butter & bacon sandwiches are the fave

Donna: Donna and Gary - Obie - Hope you guys have a great Xmas and cant wait to see you in the new year! good luck with the album!
OBIE: goodnite donna & gary

LUCA: Obie, have u already eaten or are u going to dinner right now??
OBIE: already eaten

Scully: Why doesn't he just give OBIE's cooking to Copper
OBIE: Copper has taste

AngelEyes: Obie have you tried Kangaroo Meat?
OBIE: no - kangaroos are too hard to chase down

Brazilian_Girls: Obie is it true that u have a room in Jon's house??
OBIE: yes - the Obie room

Regina: Has Copper taken over their house Obie?
OBIE: the dog's always take over a house

DavesCrush: is Dave going to sing again?
OBIE: who knows if Dave will sing? I don't

Crisjovi_Portugal: Do you have a dog Obie?
OBIE: I have a princess dog... little person with fur

I_believe: Obie what was your favorite concert - where
OBIE: my favorite concert was Giants Stadium

jan: Obie, which room is your computer in?
OBIE: my computer is in the computer room

Obie, do you know Matthew Vincent?
OBIE: Linda, if I told you the answer I'd have to kill you

annedelina: Obie -- i just wanted to say thanks for the Giants Stadium on VH1
OBIE: andalinda - my pleasure

Face: Obie do you like to run? (with or away from Jon?)
OBIE: ... only running away from Jon...

invisible: Obie why won't you ever talk to me?
OBIE: because I can't see you

OBIE: does anyone have any questions about the studio and the new album?

Scully - what do you EDIT BJTV on? I use AVID

Deb: Obie - whats the name of the song that Tico is playing on BJTV?
OBIE: ... Tico's trying out drum parts for one of the demos - can't say which one

dianne4jon_australia: Obie do you go to jons studio in his house and work there????????
OBIE: yes - i go to the house & work in the studio

DavesCrush: Obie how many tracks are going to be on the album?
OBIE: probably 12 - 13 songs on the new album but who knows/

christyjovifan: what are some of the names of the songs on the new album?
OBIE: I can't give any song titles out myself...

Jovian: Obie, are the fans gonna be able to tell their opinions on some songs before the band decides if they're gonna make it on the album or not?
OBIE: jon wants to include the fans but don't know how he's gonna do it yet

Nancy_Brazil: Obie what do you think about bootleg cds from live shows?
OBIE: bootlets - not crazy about it but it's a fact of life

Courtney85: So far what is the craziest thing that has happened during the demo sessions?
OBIE: recording is insanity from start to finish

Crashed: What's your favorite drink Obie..I'm gonna send you a bottle for this?
OBIE: My fave drink is Dr. Pepper

Seppe: What amp has richie been using for the demo's Obie?
OBIE: Richie's amp - an older Fender and a marshall

Brazilian_Girls: is the album songs down or up?
OBIE: i'm so knocked out by all the new demos - vibe is very rock 'n roll

Scully: OBIE - have you cut your hair yet?
OBIE: Yes - all of my hairs

Neurotica: Who was on the poster Huey was goofin' around with on BJ TV?
OBIE: Britney Spears poster

Mango: OBIE: how many more songs to demo?
OBIE: another 20 demos to do as of now

Courtney85: Where was the first part of bj tv shot?
OBIE: new BJTV was all shot in Jon's studio

Scully: OB- are there comfy chairs in the studio?
OBIE: Yes - one comfy chair in the studio and I sit in it

lie2me: obie... did jon really mean what he said about the leather pants at the awards show??
OBIE: If Jon said it, he meant it

Deb: Obie - what's the fascination with Leonard Cohen?
OBIE: Leonard Cohen is an amazingly talented man

BornLivinOnAPrayer87: Obie>>the box set for the 20 years what kinda stuff will be on it? demos or hits or what?
OBIE: Can't give any more info about the box set... we want it to be a surprise

Tina: Is there a release date in mind yet for the box set?
OBIE: I can't tell you exactly when the box set is going to come out - I need to take a nap

LUCA: Obie why didn't u come in Europe during the last tour??
OBIE: The band made me stay at home and do work on the special olympics christmas record

bqfmars: Does Hugh get bread and water at least?
OBIE: Hugh gets bread only

Nancy_Brazil: in the they said that you are the best friend of Jon. Is Jon a good friend?
OBIE: I certainly hope so

Bboy5432: Is Tico In Paris right now? I saw him last weekend riding his bike
OBIE: I never have any idea where Tico is

ShariBlackVelvet: Hey Obie - Besides yourself (of course!) who are the best sound engineers in the biz? Boring question bit I'd be interested to know.
OBIE: Best engineers are Phil Nicolo and Bob clearmountain

I_believe: Obie - do you have any of Tico's art?
OBIE: yes, I have some of Tico's art

invisible: Did you have to pay for tico's art?
OBIE: I didn't pay for Tico's art - he gave it to me as a gift

brenda: big hugs from France!
OBIE: Brenda - viva la France

Deb: Any new cars Obie?
OBIE: no, working on a new engine for one of my hot rods

ShariBlackVelvet: What bands has Phil Nicolo worked for? (Now I feel stupid for not knowing)
OBIE: Hey ShariBlackVelvet - I'll sing you a list of Phil Nicolo bands...

Dianne4jon_australia: Obie tell the band that i love them and i will till the day i die and that's from dianne melb.australia!!!!!!
OBIE: Dianne - I'll give them the message.

Abita: OBIE, what is your favorite show on tv?

ShariBlackVelvet: Sing me???

Scully: Obie I'm writing a screenplay about you and the band
OBIE: ... you better start saving for legal representation...

Jonman: Obie, what is your favorite sports?
OBIE: American football!

Bboy5432: What kind of HotRod Obie? Do you ever go to Raceway Park in Englishtown?
OBIE: years ago I went to Raceway...

Linda: Obie not a music question, but do you like basketball?
OBIE: Linda - no... I'm too short, I'm too white. I just love football

beach: Obie, ever been to Steven tyler's restaurant in Massachusetts?
OBIE: Never been to Steven Tyler's place cause he won't let me eat for free

Mithrandir: Obie, do you like to read? What's your favorite book?
OBIE: I like to read but I read a lot of periodicals, Time, Newsweek, Hotrod magazines, etc...

Deb: Obie, does Luke play on the new album?
OBIE: No, Luke is programming and producing on the new album

Crisjovi_Portugal: Do you like to read what critics have to say about bon jovi?-
OBIE: I never give a **** what the critics do - the reason they're critics is that they can't DO what it is they're writing about

Scully: what kind of mikes do you guys use in the studio?
OBIE: I use a little bit of everything - Telefunkin 251 down to Shure 57

BornLivinOnAPrayer87: Obie - do u think jon could addopt me? my dad retired and is drivin me up the wall!
OBIE: No, I'm in line to be adopted by him first

Lupe: Obie, what did ya think of the VH1 awards?
OBIE: I loved the VH1 awards.

Samballsa: Has Heather let you steal Richie yet Obie?
OBIE: No, Heather's holding on to him tight

beautyqueen_mars: obie what's the dumbest thing jon's ever done?
OBIE: dumbest thing Jon's ever done is give me a job

sweetheart: obie, what is your absolute favorite band of all time??
OBIE: My fave band of all time is the Beatles and then Bon Jovi

MelissaByJovi: What's the best thing jon's ever done for you Obie?
OBIE: the best thing Jon's done so far is let me live under the deck in the back of his house

BLONDIE: Obie, what do you think of crazed fans?
OBIE: Crazed fans - as long as they don't have weapons of mass destruction they're OK

christyjovifan: Obie what type of car do you drive?
OBIE: I have a couple of different cars - depends on what mood I'm in

MRSB: Obie do you know anything about them being at z 100 jingle ball
OBIE: the guys aren't doing the jingle ball

nanyta: Obie, do you still have the car that jon gave you?
OBIE: Yes, I still have the cars Jon has given me and I'll never get rid of any of them

Bboy5432: Obie....where are you from anyway?
OBIE: I'm from Philadelphia

Brazilian_Girls: Obie, is Jon a nice friend?
OBIE: Jon is the greatest friend anyone could ever have

jessijamz: Obie where's mike?
OBIE: Mike is living under a porch in the back of MY house

bjfan84: Obie - who decides what footage to cut out of what's shot for bjtv?
OBIE: I'm deciding on the footage this time around

Jovian: in a recent interview Jon said they'll be experimenting with computers & other electric stuff... They're not turning into N'Stink, are they? Will Bon Jovi still rock like they've done before?
OBIE: Bon Jovi is always gonna rock

Jovitigger: So I take it you got out of Dave's trunk then
OBIE: I did get out of the trunk - I picked the lock from the inside

dianne: is the band with you obie??????
OBIE: no, the band isn't with me

Mithrandir: Obie, what was the worst "caper' or "hi-jink" you got up to in school?
OBIE: there's so many things I did in High School... I'm not going to even go into them

QONO: Obie, do you smoke?
OBIE: I don't smoke

OBIE: Goodbye folks.. it's been, uh, fun... a little dizzy and my head hurts but fun all the same
OBIE: Good night everyone

NOTE: this was a regular chat, not a moderated one where you have to submit questions. I filtered the comments out and just wrote down the things Obie replied to.. otherwhise I would still be busy typing this out next week!