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Cologne, Germany



    We arrived in Germany around 11 o'clock in the morning, so we couldn't so such good seats as we did in Paris. We stayed in the 3rd row in front on Hugh and David.
    The concert was similar to the one in Paris, so it was extremly good
    When Jon was about to sing "Blaze of glory", something very funny happened, he noticed two girls that were leaving the fan-pit and walking in
front of the stage and he started to talk to them: "Hey, what are you doing? Where are you going? Nobody has ever left a show of mine. Don't you like the show? What's wrong with you?"  "Are you going to the bathroom? Or are you about to come backstage? Like are you going to find a roadie now to get a backstage pass? Well, what are you going to do for that backstage pass????" "No, don't mind me, I got something to take care of here. If you're going now, you're going to miss the best part of the show. We haven't even started yet. You're going to miss a great song now. The next song was a number 1 single. It's a really great song! I won a Grammy for that song..." "This song was nominated for an Academy Award. This song is the reason I'm making movies these days. You can't leave now!!!" Everybody was laughing, including the rest of the band!
    Once again the band really enjoyed the show as did the audience. There were a lot of fireworks on the concert.


One Wild Night / Raise Your Hands / You Give Love A Bad Name / In These Arms / Always / Born To Be My Baby / It's My Life / Next 100 Years / Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars / Just Older / Blaze of Glory / Wild In
the Streets / Lay Your Hands On Me / I'll Sleep When I'm Dead / Bad Medicine(Shout)
Encore 1: Something To Believe In / Keep the Faith (Sympathy For The Devil)
Encore 2: I Got the Girl / Someday I'll Be Saturday Night / Wanted Dead Or Alive / Livin' On A Prayer
Encore 3: Teqilla / Twist And Shout





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