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Lisbon, Portugal


    It was a bit hard convincing our parents to let us go to this concert, after all, we were just 10 and 12 years old! But we did  and it was a dream come true!

    Unfortunatly we don't remenber all of the details, it was a long time ago and we were very young, but we know in our hearts that it was a very special evening.

    The concert started with "Livin' On A Prayer" and fire works, the audience went wild! "Always" was a very special song too, the sight of hundreds of lighters lightening the stadium while the band played this amazing ballad was great! Another memory that we have is the song "Bed Of Roses", with Jon at the piano with a bright light over him, it was beautiful. The night ended with "This Ain't A Love Song".



Setlist: Livin' On a Prayer, You Give Love A Bad Name, Wild In The Streets, Keep The Faith, Blood On Blood, Always, I'd Die for You, Blaze of Glory,  I Believe, Runaway, Dry County, Lay Your Hands On Me,  I'll Sleep When I'm Dead / Jumpin' Jack Flash, Bad Medicine, Bed Of Roses, Rockin' All Over The World (with Little Steven), Someday I'll Be Saturday Night (with Little Steven), Wanted Dead or Alive, This Ain't a Love Song.

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