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London, England



    We were so happy when Bon Jovi started the Crush Tour, so many years since the last one. We were hoping that Portugal was going to be included too, but that didnít happened... So the answer was to see them elsewhere. We chose Wembley in London because of the whole meaning that the concerts have there (I guess we werea bit influenced by the "Live From London" tape!)and because of the language too!

    Everything before the concert was great, they are very organized! Time flyed by!

    Soon we were inside the stadium and shots of the band leaving the dressing room to come to the stage appeared on the screens.

    Its was such a great concert! And it was special too, because it was the last concert ever on Wembley nad the band was really happy to be givem that honour.

    They sang a lot of they biggest hits, songs from the new album and an incredible version of Runaway. Jon talked alot too, about missing the stage life, his adventures as an actor, how sorry he was about the ... of the Wembley studium...












(If you have any magazine articles or photos from this concert that you would like to share with us, send it and will put were with your name of course!)



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