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Paris, France



    We arrived at Bercy (the stadium were BJ played in Paris) about 5.30am, there wasn't anybody there! We got first row in the concert, just betwen Richie and Jon.
    The concert was amazing! And the set list was great!
    Jon looked so good! We never saw the band sweat so much, but it was nomal because it was incredibly hot inside the stadium. The band a great
time (we could see that by the look on their faces) and the audience was fantastic too. We had never heard BJ play Tequilla and Twist&Shout before, but we loved it, everybody was singing and dancing! It was a great way to end the concert.

Set list:
One Wild Night / Raise Your Hands / You Give Love A Bad Name / In These Arms / It's My Life / Born To Be My Baby / Always / I Got The Girl / Just Older / Wild In The Streets / Blaze Of Glory / Lay Your Hands On Me / I'll Sleep When I'm Dead / Bad Medicine (Shout)
Encore 1: These Days / Someday I'll Be Saturday Night / Keep The Faith
(Sympathy For The Devil)
Encore 2: Wanted Dead Or Alive / Livin' On A Prayer
Encore 3: Tequila (Extended Version) / Twist And Shout





Magazine Articles:


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