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September 4, 2002

»A brand new layout!!! I hope you all like it! :) Comments will be gladly apreciated (sign the gbook).

»Check out the JoviNews page

»More stuff on the Bounce page

»New Links


August 23, 2002

»Lots of JoviNews!

»Check out the Bounce section!


August 15, 2002

»Check out the Bounce section for new pics and more info on the new album!

»Lots of JoviNews, check out the interview transcripts!


August 6, 2002

»The Bounce page has been updated with new stuff, including new pics!!!

»Check out the new contest to win Bon Jovi cds!!!


August 5, 2002

»The Links page has been updated. Please check out my friend Ann's new website: BonJoviCollectors! And the new mailing list section.

»The JoviNews page has also been updated with the oficial track list for the Bounce cd and more!