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Transcript of Jon Bon Jovi's phoned-in interview on Z100, WHTZ-FM, New York City on Wednesday, January 23, 2002.

ED:     I think Bon Jovi's on the phone.


ED:     Is it really, is this the button where Bon Jovi's located?

INTERN: Yeah, just press it.

ED:     Hello?

JBJ:        Hiya!

ED:     Hey Jon!  <group yells hellos.> 

JBELL:      How's it going?

JBJ:        Good morning, y'all.

JBELL:      Good morning, morning, morning!

ED:     Jon is on the set of Ally McBeal as we speak!

JBJ:        Yes I am!

CN:     We'd like to know how your butt smells this morning, Jon!

JBJ:        Oh, my butt smells wonderful!

<group laughs>

ED:     Jon, are you ever going to live that one down?  That was kind of funny!

JBJ:        That was kind of funny.  I'm glad that it wasn't the other way around . . .

<group laughs>

JBJ:        . . . if you had to have any cool in that scene, at least be the guy that was getting smelled instead of the one doing the smelling.

JBELL:      Exactly!

JBJ:        Poor Calista!

ED:     Oh, come on!

JBJ:        Alright, here's my Calista/Fox, you know, Ally story.  That was the first day, the first scene that we ever did together.

JBELL:      Are you serious?

JBJ:        I mean, what a way to meet somebody!

ED:     Alright, in this first scene, Calista, you sniff Jon's butt!

JBJ:        I thought for sure that she'd look at that script and say, "there's no way I'm doing this," but she's a trooper.

DM:     It's all acting!

ED:     Well, it sure is fun to see you on the show. 

JBJ:        Oh, thank you!

ED:     It is nuts!  Are you having a good time playing with those people?

JBJ:        I gotta tell you, man, I'm really enjoying this.  She's great, David Kelley's great, I look forward to coming to work every day.

CN:     That's nice!

JBELL:      That's great!

ED:     Have you ever done TV like this before?

JBJ:        No, I did one episode of "Sex in the City," but I had no desire to do TV, you know, there's too much else going on.  David Kelley just was
wonderful about this and the way he pitched it to me, it made sense to do while Richie's out here, it made sense while we were writing the record.  But who knew that we'd be this far along with the record!  Fortunately, the record's ready to go, you know, so, uh, we're ready to get in the studio, and we are, two weeks from now.

JBELL:      Jon, we hear you're not going to sing on the show, that this is a straight acting gig for you, and that's the way you want it.

JBJ:        Well, I don't want to be in that bar singing, the way they do, I don't think it's a good idea, but there's gonna be a couple of lines of a couple songs in a different setting, like with me and her singing Tom Waits <laughs> for a couple of lines, but no, I'm not doing any singing, I don't want to confuse the two mediums.

DM:     So if you're gonna sing with Ally, that usually means romance with Ally, which usually means broken heart for Ally - is that where we're going?

<JBELL laughs>

JBJ:        I gotta tell you, you know, we're five or six episodes in, and I haven't even gotten a kiss yet!

DM:     Oh!

CN:     I was going to say, we want to see you sucking face with Ally!  What's going on, Jon?

<group laughs>

JBJ:        Man, tell me about it!  Victor Morrison needs a little action here!

ED:     Just to switch gears for one split second, we have breaking news coming out of the Shore, as you know, the news about the Stone Pony.

JBJ:        I'm hearing little bits of it out here, um, what's the latest?

ED:     Well, they're saying, well, it was that they were just going to turn it off and put up a condo, now they hear there may be a little movement, they
may try to find a way to keep it.  It looks like the Stone Pony could be done, it could be gone forever.

JBJ:        That's a shame, there's a lot of history in that building.

DM:     Why don't you buy it, Jon?

JBJ:        Probably because there's too many tax liens against it, there's all kinds of tax situations that are impeding that . . .

JBELL:      Oh really?

JBJ:        . . . you know, it's not that we haven't looked into Asbury before.  But, if you really think about it, you know, it was after Bruce was making records, it was really the Jukes who broke out of there and my bar was really the Fast Lane, to tell you the honest-to-God truth.  But the Pony was always a great piece of history, man, I gotta tell you, 20 years ago, there was nothing like it.

DM:     There's a lot of people fighting for it.

ED:     Even if they tore it down, it would still smell like cigarette smoke in that spot.

<group laughs>

JBJ:        It's a good thing!  Stale beer and cigarettes - what's better than that?

<group laughs>

JBELL:      Hey Jon, you know, this is a little embarrassing, because I remember your great performance, but I don't remember the exact name of the
movie - it was the one with the U-boat, you were incredible in it . . .

JBJ:        U-571.

JBELL:      Yes! Yes, yes, yes - you were incredible in that and I thought maybe you had decided on a whole new career?

JBJ:        I can't quit my day job, you know, Giants Stadium is too nice a place to play!

JBELL:      Tell me about it!

JBJ:        No, we've got a really great upbeat record, you know, I mean I was so affected by 9/11 that, uh, we just spewed songs one after another, I can't wait to play you the new stuff, it's really good.

ED:     Alright, let's make a date then.  You're going to come in, bring the CD in when you're ready, and we'll shoot it out of the speakers, whenever you're ready to go.

JBJ:        The international first broadcast, I'd be happy to give it to you.  I'd give you the demos, I'm so happy with it!

<group cheers>

ED:     And by the way, and we'll give away a chance for a listener to come up and sniff your booty!

JBJ:        Okay!

<group laughs>

ED:     That'll be fabulous.  Well, listen, go back to work, would you do something with Calista?  Her character needs to have a love life!

JBJ:        Tell me about it! I'm ready to marry her!  She's wonderful.

CN:     Give her a kiss for us!

ED:     And tell them all we said hi, and Jon, thanks for calling!  Go back to work!

JBJ:        Okay guys!  See ya!

<group says goodbye>