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About Me...Cristina


     Hello!!! First of all, welcome to our little Bon Jovi page! My name is Cristina, Iím 19 years old (born on December 6, 1982) and I live in a little portuguese city called Faro.

    My Bon Jovi history beggins on the Summer of 94, that was when I met Raquel and another girl that was already a fan. She introduce the band to us and we fell in love with them!

    By the time Crossroad was released, I was completly addicted to BJ! Then came the These Days album, the tour and my first concert (Lisbon Ė June 15, 1995). It was more than amazing, I was only 12, but I sang, I screamed, I laughted, I cryed...

    Unfortunatly BJ havenít return to Portugal since then, but we managed to see their concerts in other countries.

    I canít explain my passion for BJ, how can you put love in to words? Well, Jon and Richie can, but I donít have that talent! Thereís something about their songs that makes me feel like they were written specially for me. And itís not just their music, besides being the best musicians ever, they are amazing persons.

    Thanks to BJ, Iíve met some great people that share my passion. Some of them have become big friends of mine, so hereís a kiss to Monica (I never wanted the stars, never shout for the moon...), Andreia (thank you so much for all of your help with our website), Anabela, Gisela, Ana,  Ann (who I also thank for the help with our website), Katrin, Lu , Lucy, LetŪcia, Ana and many more!

    The special kiss goes to Raquel that has made my BJ experience soo much better! Thank you!


        Weíre still learning how to do things so we need you help to improve this site, so please send sugestions, critics, questions, anything to: AintNoCureForLove_BJ



See ya on the road,